Flow by Aqua (60ml)

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Flow by Aqua Overview

Aqua is a premium vape juice brand aimed at the vaper with a more active and outdoor lifestyle. Their products have very genuine flavors; they’re pure, made only with the best ingredients they can find. They’re the perfect juices for taking out and about when you’ve got a lot to do; they make for the best ADVs to pull on while you’re fighting to meet your goals. They have numerous flavors that are each suited to a different sort of active lifestyle, and Flow is one of the more fun ones; this e-liquid is a tropical sensation for the beach dweller and jungle crawler in all of us.

Flavor Notes

Flow is a carefully balanced trifecta of tropical powerhouses - pineapple, guava, and mango. The Pineapple and mango dance across the palate on the inhale, while the guava counterbalances them on the exhale, giving it a soft and easy finish. These three flavors are the staple of tropical style vape juices, and Flow has a well-crafted formula that stands out. The mouthfeel is luscious though medium-bodied, and it’s got a moderate throat hit.

Our Flow Vape Juice Review

Flow is a good flavor for fruit lovers; so many vapers enjoy tropical sensations, you’ll find this juice is more accessible and shareable than you might realize. The combination sort of creates a brand new fruit sensation altogether. Its unique profile makes it good for hitting over and over again, so like many premium e-liquids, you could consider carrying this around as your ADV. It’s a good choice for the distinguished vaper who’s been through the gamut of fruity juices, and wants something with a bit more of a complex profile. Beginners need not be wary, though, as this juice tastes great no matter what you’re looking for!

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