Aqua Salts - Mist

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  • Aqua - Mist (35 mg salts)
  • Aqua - Mist (35 mg salts)


Mist by Aqua Salts Overview

If you're a fan of the ever-popular high VG vape juice formulas, then Aqua Salts is a great brand for you. Aqua Salts features a traditional line of fruit-flavored classics geared towards vapers with a more outdoors lifestyle. Still, they make a create choice for any vaper who likes a strong fruity flavor. Not only are they delicious, but they're committed to making high quality juices that you can rely on. These are great flavors for new vapers to try as their all-day vape, but they work well for anyone, to. Sometimes, the simpler juices are the best juices.

Flavor Notes

Mist by Aqua Salts is a flavorful blend of three classic fruits that vapers love: peach, kiwi, and sweet green apple. This creative blend delivers a surprising fruit sensation that you've never had anywhere else before. Each flavor is distinct, but it's the combination of all three that makes for an interesting and unique profile. The mouthfeel is light but the flavor is rich and full, and the high VG blend means you can blow big puffy clouds! Not only does it taste and feel great, but it gives of a fruity and sweet aroma.

Our Mist by Aqua Salts Review

An all-around well balanced and delightful flavor, this juice makes for a fantastic ADV for any vaper. It's easy to hit and doesn't saturate your palate, so you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere. Mist is one of the more creative flavors in the Aqua Salts line, but it's not so complex that it's off-putting; in fact, once your friends try it, they'll want to get some for themselves. These juices are perfect for taking out into the wilderness or hitting the streets, so if you're an on-the-go vaper, you don't wanna miss this excellent blend.

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