Fresh Pressed - Pressed Pink Melon High Nic Salts

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Fresh Pressed - Pressed Pink Melon SALTS Overview

As far as vapers are concerned, there are countless factors at play when picking out the perfect vape juice. After all, each bottle is a commitment; it costs a pretty penny, and it lasts a long time. So, if premium quality is an important consideration for you, then you can look no further than Fresh Pressed Salts vape juice. Hailing from beautiful southern California, Fresh Pressed juices are made under the greatest of scrutiny, using a highly-specialized manufacturing process that ensures every drop of juice is built to the highest standard. Customer service and satisfaction are among their highest priorities, so you always know you’re getting a product you can trust.

Flavor Notes

Pressed Pink Melon is a tasty fruit blend featuring three classic vape juice favorites - succulent peach, tangy watermelon, and refreshing honeydew. It’s one of the more traditional flavor styles in the Fresh Pressed line; the flavor isn’t particularly overpowering, and, while delicious, it’s a pretty mild and accessible vape. The throat hit is very mild, and the mouthfeel is somewhat light-bodied. The three fruits are well-balanced, with no flavor popping out and obscuring the others.

Our Pressed Pink Melon SALTS Review

Pressed Pink Melon is probably the best juice in this product line for the inexperienced vaper. Even if you’re a pro, it’s a good starting point to get yourself familiar with the Fresh Pressed line, since their other offerings are a bit more sophisticated. We love juices like this that celebrate the classics; it’s flavorful, light, and unobtrusive. Don’t let that fool you, though. It’s very tasty; this juice makes it clear that Fresh Pressed e-liquids use only the highest quality ingredients. As the manufacturer says, it’s a vape that “will take your taste buds on vacation to an island that will never be deserted.”

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