Fresh Pressed - Sugar Tantrum High Nic Salts

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Fresh Pressed - Sugar Tantrum SALTS Overview

When it comes to choosing an e-liquid, different vapers all have different priorities. If, like us, you’re more interested in only the highest quality juices, then you won’t want to miss out on Fresh Pressed, a top-shelf e juice based in sunny Southern California. Fresh Pressed is lauded for their rigorous, meticulous, and top-secret manufacturing process, to which they credit the ADV-like quality of every juice they make. Customer satisfaction is the single most important facet of their business, and it shows in the pristine quality of their products.

Flavor Notes

Sugar Tantrum is a super-sweet blast of sugar-based flavors for the sweet tooth in all of us. It’s got a base of light, airy whipped custard, highlighted with notes of decadent vanilla beans and a hearty scoop of crunchy pecans that give it just a little bit of nuttiness. As the name suggests, it’s a highly sweet flavor; it’s full-bodied and very rich, with a small throat hit. The inhale is light and airy, while the exhale is where you’ll really enjoy a bulk of the flavor. It packs all the sweetness without any of the sugar-induced tooth decay!

Our Sugar Tantrum SALTS Review

Sugar Tantrum is definitely an explosion of sweetness, so you’d better be ready for dessert! Sugar lovers will go crazy for this flavor; a lot of sweet juices try to simply emulate some traditional dessert treat, but Sugar Tantrum simply features a tasty blend of flavors, even if they’re not a particularly common combination. Plus, as you can tell from the name, it’s made with nicotine salts, which a lot of vapers like for its more efficient nicotine delivery. This is an easy addition to your rotation of ADV juices, as it’s one you won’t get tired of puffing on.

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