Buff Juice - Blue Parfait

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Buff Juice - Blue Parfait Overview

If you're on the prowl for a juice that's jam-packed with powerful flavor that just won't quit, then your search is over. The aptly named "Buff Juice" line comes from the renowned vape juice makers at Tailored Vapors. If you've never tried any of their juices before, you're in for a real treat. Their juices stunningly recreate the flavors of different sweet treats. They pull this off by using only the finest ingredients on the market and an expert manufacturing process, resulting in e-liquids that never fail to disappoint.

Flavor Notes

If you ever feel like you need an extra little kick to get you going in the morning, you've got to try out a helping of Blue Parfait for breakfast. Just like a real parfait, it's a juicy treat loaded with blueberries and a sprinkling of crunchy cinnamon granola on top. There's just a hint of cream underscoring the blueberries to help recreate that cool yogurt dessert feeling. Each puff gives you the sweet taste of blueberries throughout, with the creaminess really coming through on the inhale and the granola pronouncing itself more on the exhale.

Our Blue Parfait Vape Juice Review

As we'd expect from Tailored Vapors, Blue Parfait delivers a top-notch flavor reminiscent of a real dessert. We love the light, creamy mouthfeel, and it's almost like a chilled juice without actually employing any mint or menthol. Its flavor is authentic, and true to Buff Juice form, it's quite powerful. It's a great juice for vapers who really want a blast of flavor in each and every hit. It's easy to lay off the vape after just a few puffs, since you can really saturate your palate quickly. Try out Blue Parfait today; you'll never vape another bland juice again.

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