Buff Juice - Bomb Berry

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Buff Juice - Bomb Berry Overview

Buff Juice is an action-packed new line of e-liquids introduced by the expert juice makers at Tailored Vapors. Each Buff Juice blend is teeming with powerful flavors to give you a blast of berry goodness that's hard to beat. If you're unfamiliar with the exquisite creations that Tailored Vapors is known for, you can't deprive yourself of the experience. Get your hands on a bottle of Bomb Berry and treat your palate to a world of flavor that it's never experienced before.

Flavor Notes

Bomb Berry is an explosively exotic mix that'll drape your whole mouth in tangy, fruity goodness. The base of the flavor is a well-balanced blend of dragon fruit and watermelons. The classic watermelon flavor gives the juice a sweet but tangy and slightly sour edge, while the dragon fruit gives it a full-bodied, succulent character. Then, you'll notice a hint of guava on top to make it extra smooth and appealing. The watermelon/dragon fruit mixture is nice and even, and it's present from start to finish, while the extra succulence of the guava is more pronounced during the inhale. You'll notice that this gives Bomb Berry a nice smooth finish.

Bomb Berry Vape Juice Review

This juice is a massive bombshell of flavor packed into a tiny bottle. It may very well be the most powerful flavor available in the Buff Juice line. It's an explosion of red fruit goodness that you're unlikely to find anywhere else. The mouthfeel is full-bodied, and you can quickly saturate your palate. You may not even find yourself taking as many puffs as you might on a weaker flavored juice, but that means you'll save more in the long run. Looking for maximum flavor? Look no further and pick up a bottle of Bomb Berry today.

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