Buff Juice - Funny Bunch Crunch

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Buff Juice - Funny Bunch Crunch Overview

Any vape juice maker can claim that they have fun flavors, use great ingredients, and care about their customers. And those are all great qualities in a vape juice business. But Buff Juice boasts something that the rest don't - a monstrous explosion of flavor that'll leave your palate stunned. Buff Juice is a hot new creation by the masterminds at Tailor Vapors. And, if you've been on the vaping scene and somehow missed Tailored Vapors' quintessential products, then stop browsing vape juices and pick up some Funny Bunny Crunch.

Flavor Notes

Good ol' sugary and crunchy breakfast cereal was a morning-time staple for so many of us growing up. And that's the motivation behind Funny Bunny Crunch, a decadent new Buff Juice e-liquid that recreates that Saturday morning treat. The juice perfectly mimics the light and creamy goodness of a heaping spoonful of cereal; the flavor is consistent throughout, and while it definitely packs the power that Buff Juice is known for, it's still a smooth and inviting vape juice that'll leave you wanting more and more.

Our Funny Bunch Crunch Vape Juice Review

Funny Bunny Crunch is probably the most accessible of the Buff Juice e-liquids. It's still got that full-bodied mouth feel that they're known for, but it doesn't completely coat the palate after just a few short puffs like, say, a Bomb Berry would do. It's also got a milder throat hit than its sister juices. If you're looking to try out a Buff Juice, but you're not sure where to start, Funny Bunny Crunch is a great first juice to get your toes wet before making the plunge into the more powerful stuff. Pick up a bottle of FBC today and leave us a review to let us know what you think!

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