Buff Juice - Juicy Bubble

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Buff Juice - Juicy Bubble Overview

If e-liquids could get into fights, nobody would ever mess with Buff Juice. This near-perfect line of vape juices is packed to the brim with powerful flavors that'll leave your palate knocked out cold. Introduced by the seasoned veterans at Tailored Vapors, Buff Juice is meant to be an explosion of flavor that recreates sensational flavor experiences. Mixed with only the finest ingredients around, Buff Juice flavors are pristine and long-lasting, and that makes them a great deal. If you've never tried any of the offerings from Tailored Vapors, you need to stop what you're doing and pick up a bottle.

Flavor Notes

Ah, bubblegum. A childhood classic, right? And yet, what a risk it was to chew in class, lest you be shamed in front of all your peers and scolded to spit it out. You probably can't vape in school either (and you can't at all if you're under 18!), but if you want to get great bubblegum flavor without the sticky mess or all the sugar, then Juicy Bubble is the way to go. This blast of flavor features the simple taste of pink bubblegum throughout; it's even and smooth from start to finish, and it has that rich, full-bodied mouth feel that you get from the first two chomps on some real gum.

Our Juicy Bubble Vape Juice Review

Any vape juice that so accurately mimics another sensation is a slam-dunk, in our book. Juicy Bubble is the perfect recreation of the bubblegum experience. But watch out- it's an enormous blast of flavor, with a moderately strong throat hit. It's definitely not a mild vaping experience. But if you're looking for something sweet, straightforward, and bold, look no further than Juicy Bubble by Tailored Vapors' Buff Juice.

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