Buff Juice - Straw-Breaker Ice

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Buff Juice - Straw-Breaker Ice Overview

Buff Juice is a uniquely bold vaping sensation that delivers the utmost in the power and accuracy of its flavors. Few other e-liquids come anywhere near the potent flavors that you'll find in Buff Juice. Recently released by the expert e-liquid makers at Tailored Vapors, these juices not only taste great (and really strong), but they're clever recreations of other treats like desserts and candies. All that great flavor, and none of the sugar or mess!

Flavor Notes

Talk about power! Not only does Straw-Breaker Ice pack a load of candy jawbreaker flavor, but it's sharpened with a chilly burst of menthol to give this treat a cool twist. The strawberry flavor is the base of the juice, which is enriched with plenty of sugar to give it that classic candy-like flair. You'll catch the menthol right away, as it's markedly more present on the inhale than the exhale. It can be tricky to suck on a real jawbreaker, so why not save yourself the hassle and capture that delicious flavor in a simple e-liquid, instead?

Our Buff Juice - Straw-Breaker Ice Review

We're big fans of any vape juices that can so accurately recreate one of our favorite treats, and who didn't love jawbreakers growing up? Straw-Breaker Ice is a great substitute for the actual candy. And, like all the Buff Juice e-liquids, it packs a wallop with a really full-bodied mouth feel and a moderately strong throat hit. While it may not be as powerful as some of its sister juices, it's definitely not a juice for the faint of heart. Still, if you're looking to try something on the lighter side of the Buff Juice spectrum, you've found a great juice for getting your feet wet before you make the plunge into a Bomb Berry or Juicy Bubble.

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