Teleos - Experiment One (120ml)

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  • Teleos - Experiment One (120ml)
  • Teleos - Experiment One (120ml)


Experiment One by Teleos Overview

This is one of the more interesting juices released by Teleos, one of the world’s most popular juice brands. The experts behind their highly-specialized juices pride themselves on creating the most surprising and interesting flavors out there, and they’ve been doing it since their very first experiment into the juice making business; hence, the name, Experiment One. Seeking to recreate a flaky, frosted breakfast cereal, they wound up with a juice that is more reminiscent of sweet corn and pudding. Quite the unique flavor, it was the result of a happy accident in Teleos’s earliest foray into mixing. To this day, it remains a flagship for their brand, and is enjoyed all over the planet.

Flavor Notes

You can definitely get a sense of the breakfast cereal taste they were going for with this one, but the predominant experience is the creamy pudding with notes of sweet corn to liven it up. On the exhale, in particular, the notes of corn are noticeable, and the overall experience is smooth with a soft and light mouthfeel. There almost tastes like there’s a hint of vanilla in there, and a little bit of sugar; after all, this juice was designed with a slightly different end result in mind.

Our Experiment One by Teleos Review

This is an awesome vape juice for sweet tooths who don’t necessarily want to vape fruity flavors all the time. It’s also an excellent juice for tobacco fans, as the sweet flavors used in Experiment One are often blended in with tobacco juices to give them some variety. A lot of vapers have this in their daily rotation, and it’s a great ADV. You can hit it again and again without overdoing it, so it works really well for carrying around with you on the go.

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