Teleos -Liquid S'mores (120ml)

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  • Teleos -Liquid S'mores (120ml)
  • Teleos -Liquid S'mores (120ml)


Milks by Teleos - Liquid S'mores Overview

One of the greatest joys in vaping is that it not only tastes great, but the right vape juice can sometimes effectively recreate the experience of consuming some unique food or beverage. Liquid S’mores is exactly what the name says; your favorite marshmallow chocolate cracker sandwiches jam-packed into a tiny liquid you can put into your vape! A product of the clever mixers at Teleos, this interesting flavor lets you have all the taste and feel of a delicious s’more without having to roast anything over a fire.

Flavor Notes

This is an interesting vape juice; you really get the full flavor of all of the ingredients of a tasty s’more! On the draw, in particular, you’ll get the creamy and gooey marshmallow, with the sweet chocolate rounding out the exhale, highlighted by notes of cinnamony graham crackers. The flavor is bold and rich, and saturates your palate quickly, so you don’t need to hit this juice over and over again for it to leave you satisfied. Still, that doesn’t mean it’ll last a long time; it’s a great juice for sharing and for vaping multiple flavors back to back. It’s a great foil to sour or minty tastes, and is best saved for the last flavor of the day.

Our Milks by Teleos - Liquid S'mores Review

This juice just makes you feel like you’re sitting by the campfire on a starry night late in the summer roasting marshmallows and laughing with your friends. Any juice that evokes imagery like this is enjoyable and memorable in a way that’ll make you want to tell all your friends. Although more sophisticated juices like Liquid S’mores are traditionally better for veteran vapers, this particular flavor is great for newbies, too, because it’s a flavor they’ve enjoyed and are familiar with before ever picking up a vape. If you’re not sure where to start but you like the fun and adventurous vape juices, this is a great first step into the complex world of vape juices.

Available in 120ml for $29.99

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