Pink Parfait by Fresh Pressed (100ml)

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Pink Parfait by Fresh Pressed Overview

Some juice makers just can’t stop obsessing over their products, often taking a very long time to experiment with their formulas to make the end result as perfect as it can be. Fresh Pressed is one such juice maker who takes this approach. They employ a sophisticated and unwavering manufacturing process that’s applied to each and every one of their hand-crafted e-liquids, ensuring that they’re the best iterations of themselves that they can be. They’re endlessly dedicated to a great customer experience, and as if that’s not enough, they’re American born-and-bred, coming to us straight out of sunny SoCal.

Flavor Notes

Strawberry, possibly the most common vape juice fruit in the world, serves as the base for this flavor. Why not? It’s a pink parfait, after all. The creaminess of the parfait comes in the form of strong notes of smooth, sweet Bavarian cream to give it that nice dessert-like trait. The Bavarian cream is particularly noteworthy on the exhale, while the strawberries dominate the inhale with a medium-bodied mouthfeel. Plus, this is one of those ever-popular high-VG blends, meaning the throat hit is very mild and the vapor production is ample.

Our Fresh Pressed - Pink Parfait Review

This is a fine strawberry flavor, complemented by a sweet cream flavor that you don’t find in other e-juices. Oftentimes, juices like this resemble more of a traditional strawberries-n-cream flavor, but the unique employment of Bavarian cream really gives this the characteristic of a parfait; the flavor isn’t too exaggerated, and it’s not an overpowering experience, even with the thickness of the high-VG blend they use. Pink Parfait is a fine choice for a fruity ADV as it’s flavorful and smooth, but not intense and overly saturating. While it’s not as bold as its sister juices like Malibu Meltdown, it’s definitely got its place among Fresh Pressed’s premium products.

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