Highlander - Horsetooth

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Horsetooth by Highlander Overview

Highlander has soared to popularity among vapers, and has been found on the shelves of practically every vape shop at one point or another. They offer a really wide array of juices that have picked up a lot of traction within the vaping community. Their juices are fairly priced, they’re skilled marketers who know how to get it into the right peoples’ hands, and their flavors are endlessly shareable. Horsetooth features a classic vape juice flavor that you’ll definitely be familiar with, so if you’re not sure which of the many Highlander juices is the right starting place, you’ve probably found the right one!

Flavor Notes

Horsetooth e-liquid is made with a base of lip-puckering sour green apple candy flavor. You get a strong blast of sour candy on the inhale, and the exhale is rounded out with just a touch of creaminess to keep the experience on the smoother side. This way, you can hit it over and over again without scrunching your face up too much! The mouthfeel is pretty full-bodied, and it’s got a significant throat hit. It’s very sour, after all! It’s a strong flavor for a candy vape juice, so if that’s what you like, this is definitely the Highlander juice for you.

Our Highlander Horsetooth Vape Juice Review

This is a pretty straightforward vape juice that doesn’t have any frills or complexities. It’s a classic candy flavor that many of us enjoyed obsessively back in our middle school days. Now, you can puff on it all day with no concern for calories! It’s not really a good choice for an ADV, since it’s really sour (unless you’re really into that.) However, when you have that candy craving you just can’t beat, it’s the perfect way to satiate yourself and get the taste of something really special.

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