Highlander - Palisade

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Palisade Vape Juice by Highlander Overview

Exploding onto the vape juice scene with practically unprecedented popularity is the highly coveted juice maker Highlander. They’ve released a wide range of products that have a very loyal following. They’ve gained a lot of notoriety in the vaping community because they’re really great tasting juices that come at a really good value. They’re fairly priced, they know how to market their products to the right audiences to reach the right people, and the flavors are so accessible you’ll want to share them with all of your friends. Palisade is among their most popular flavors, featuring a twist on a classic favorite treat!

Flavor Notes

Ever wondered what it’s like to have a grape soda milkshake? Well, this is as close as you’re going to get without whipping one up in the kitchen! The base of Palisade is a creamy vanilla ice cream float, but with a strong helping of grape soda to top it off instead of root beer. It’s just creamy enough that it’s not overpoweringly grape, but the grape flavor is present and very pure. The mouthfeel is rich and medium-bodied with a soft throat hit. All around, it’s a highly satiating vape.

Our Highlander - Palisade Review

This is a super fun flavor because it’s almost like a dessert, but it’s also almost like a beverage. It lives in some kind of mysterious middle ground. It’s an awesome flavor for an ADV because you don’t really ever get sick of it. The grape flavor is very accurate, unlike many grape vape juices that just have that “off” taste that some cheap juices have. With Palisade, you can kick back with a grape soda and a shake any time you want without worrying about packing on those pesky calories!

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