Coney Cake by Liquid State Vapors (60ml)

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  • Coney Cake by Liquid State Vapors (60ml)


Coney Cake by Liquid State Vapors Overview

For a lot of Americans, it’s an important part of their patriotism and good citizenship to commit to products that are 100% authentically American made & manufactured. If this is important to you, then you can’t pass up the fantastic line of vape juices from Liquid State Vapors. A very popular juice maker, these guys are dedicated to delivering high-quality, reliable, and unique products with every release. Everything from their pristine ingredients to their attractive packaging is designed with great care and scrutiny. However, the coolest thing about Liquid State Vapors is the motivation behind their product line. Each and every juice they make is designed to capture the unique essence of a different state in the union. Coney Cake is a nod to a classic Brooklyn boardwalk favorite - the classic funnel cake!

Flavor Notes

This is a highly unique vape juice, with lots of flavors highlighting the doughy funnel cake base. Topped with powdered sugar and decadent vanilla bean ice cream, this flavor finishes with a sweet compote of fresh strawberries and mouthwatering ripe summertime blueberries. The mouthfeel is incredibly rich and the flavor is full-bodied; you’ll want to share this one with all of your friends!

Our Coney Cake Review

Some of the most fun vape juices you can get are those that so brilliantly recapture the experience of enjoying some other treat. This juice really gives you the sensation of enjoying a warm, fresh funnel cake on a summer night out on the boardwalk. Truly a classic New York City experience, you’ll want to visit the five boroughs for yourself after being exposed to just a taste of what they have to offer. True to their goals, Liquid State Vapors has really captured the heart and soul of New York in this delicious blend.

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