Milk by the Pound E-juice (60ml)

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Milk By The Pound Overview

Milk by the Pound is the flagship juice brought to you by the manufacturer bearing the same name. This incredibly popular blend flew off the shelves when it first came out, and remains a coveted staple of any diverse e-juice collection. It's developed using a higher PG ratio than most juices to give it a really rich, thick, full-bodied flavor. By the Pound sought to create a juice that delivered the heavenly taste of that first bite of dessert in every single puff.

Flavor Notes

Milk by the Pound is an incredibly appropriate name for this blend, because it gives you the taste and mouthfeel of chugging a refreshing glass of milk after enjoying a delectable pound cake treat. On the first draw, you'll enjoy the buttery goodness of a sweet pound cake, rounded off with the creaminess of a cold glass of whole milk to wash it down. As you exhale, this sensation evenly deteriorates leaving you craving the next puff. It's an easy juice to puff on all day long.

Our Milk By The Pound Review

This isn't a juice for enjoying all day & every day, rather, it's an experience better suited for enjoying after a hearty meal or a strong cocktail. Milk by the Pound is a fantastic evening juice that rounds off your day with a sweet, euphoria-inducing treat that your friends will be begging you to share. Don't be scared off by the high PV ratio, just make sure that you aren't vaping too much at once so you don't burn up your coils too quickly. It really is an essential characteristic of this expertly-crafted juice. A 60mg vial will last you a long time, so make sure to get yourself two of them in case it ever becomes hard to find in the future.

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