Menthol Ice by Mr Salt-E (30ml)

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Menthol Ice by Mr Salt-E Overview

One of the most popular providers of e-liquid on the market today is Mr Salt-E. They’ve exploded in popularity because they use only finest ingredients possible in their vape juices. They employ 100% all-natural nicotine salt derived directly from the tobacco plant. Nicotine salts offer many advantages over traditional nicotine - it has a longer shelf life, and it’s more concentrated, offering a more powerful nicotine experience. If you’re looking for a juice with a great nicotine content that you don’t have to puff over and over again, you’ve found the right product in Menthol Ice.

Flavor Notes

All you need to know is in the title with this e-liquid; Menthol Ice is a simple menthol vape juice. It’s minty, cool, and refreshing. Because it’s designed with the nicotine salt infusion, it has a very mild throat and chest hit. It’s a milder minty flavor, so it’s not too powerful and it doesn’t dominate other flavors. You know exactly what you’re getting with this flavor, so there are no real surprises when it comes to this classic menthol mix.

Our Mr Salt-E Menthol Ice Review

Out of all of the e-liquids you can get from Mr Salt-E, this is one of the more distinguished. If you like cool vapes, this is absolutely the product for you. It’s not overly-powerful, but it’s still full-flavored and rich. If you’re just getting into vaping, Mr Salt-E is an awesome brand to start with because they have so many familiar flavors. Menthol Ice is a perfect example of that. It offers a cool, easy, and smooth sensation that you don’t get with a lot of common vape juice. Menthol Ice is a great ADV for the low-power vaper who wants a nice, cool experience that isn’t too powerful.


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