Strawberry Coconut Milk by ONO! (60ml)

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Strawberry Coconut Milk Vape Juice by ONO! Overview

If you’re looking for the perfect vape juice to whisk you away to a tropical paradise, then you’ve found exactly the right line of juices in Ono! This tasty product line features three juices based on one of Hawaii’s favorite treats, coconut milk. This line of ultra-high VG juices not only lets you puff on mightily impressive clouds, but it’s downright delicious. “Ono” is the traditional Hawaiian term for “delicious,” so it’s only appropriate the the juices live up to their name.

Flavor Notes

Strawberry Coconut Milk is one of your two flavor choices in this line if you want something a little bit more complex than the simple Coconut Milk by itself. Coconut Milk itself, is, of course the base of this flavor; on the inhale, you’ll enjoy a mouthful of tasty coconut shavings, being washed down with a creamy coconut milk flavor. On the exhale, however, is when you’ll get that blast of strawberry goodness, which blends beautifully with the coconut milk to make a sweet, creamy, tropical flavor sensation that you’ll want to hit again and again. It’s got a medium-bodied mouthfeel, somewhat soft, and only a mild throat hit.

Our Strawberry Coconut Milk Vape Juice Review

Strawberry Coconut Milk is sort of the middle ground, flavor-wise, between the basic Coconut Milk e-liquid and the Mango Coconut Milk. It’s got a rich flavor of its own, but it’s not particularly dominating as the mango variety. Still, it’s not quite as mild as the regular Coconut Milk. The flavors are nicely balanced, with just a tad more coconut in the mix than strawberry. It could be a good ADV for the summertime if you’re really into coconut blends, so give it a try and let us know what you think!

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