Berryade by Sqeez Premium E-Liquids (60ml)

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Berryade Vape Juice by Sqeez Premium E-Liquids Overview

Sqeez is a very traditional, simple, and straightforward juice maker, but don’t rule them out just because they stick to the classics! Sqeez’s vape juices are delicious blends of fresh-squeezed fruit juices (get it?) that blend to make some of the most tantalizing summertime creations. They create a beverage vape juice like nobody else, and they do so using the same staple flavors that every run-of-the-mill juice maker uses… except, they’re anything but run-of-the-mill.

Flavor Notes

Berryade is a trifecta of three top-favorites of vapers around the world. It’s a well-balanced medley of lip-smacking sour lemon, fresh-picked raspberries, and succulent sweet strawberries all twisted into one refreshing cocktail. No one flavor really dominates the others, though the sour notes of the lemon do permeate through pretty strongly. The tartness of the raspberries and the sweetness of the strawberries combine with that sour sensation to make a really fun and refreshing flavor profile. It’s got a pretty full-bodied mouthfeel and a moderate-to-strong throat hit, so be prepared for a strong vaping experience!

Our Sqeez Premium E-Liquids - Berryade Review

While fruit flavors are incredibly common on the market today, the trick is to find the ones that offer you something you can’t find just anywhere. Squeez’s delicious concoctions do exactly that; you get something with some sophistication, but it’s built on something familiar so you know what you can expect. Whether you’re a new vaper or you’re very experienced, we feel this is a good juice for someone looking for something just a little bit different, while retaining a character that’s comfortable and well-known. If you’re looking for simple fruit juices, keep looking; but if you want a more complex experience, Berryade is a great juice for you!

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