Honey Crunch by Tailored House (100ml)

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Honey Crunch by Tailored House Overview

Tailor House is a fun little line of vape juices brought to us by the talented juice makers at Tailored Vapors. The Tailored House e-liquids capture the essence of those familiar, nostalgic flavors we associate with spending holidays with our families enjoying cookies and other delectable temptations. A company that prioritizes customer service, Tailored Vapors is laser-focused on ensuring that their products aren’t just unique and different, but that they’re truly a good value for their customers. They produce a myriad of juices across different lines, each one adding some unique value to their exquisite brand. There’s a little something for everyone in the Tailored Vapors world, and Tailored House really stands out.

Flavor Notes

Honey Crunch is an apt name for this sweet treat. It’s a dessert-style e-liquid that tastes just like taking a big bite out of a cool ice cream cookie sandwich. It’s got a sugary, doughy base of tasty cookies, with strong notes of vanilla, underscored with plenty of honey to give this summertime treat a well-rounded sweet flavor. This high-VG blend features just a small throat hit, as is characteristic of the 70/30 VG/PG ratio, and the mouthfeel isn’t overly powerful. Think “cookies n’ cream meets graham cracker cereal” and you can imagine this fun combination of sweets.

Our Tailored House - Honey Crunch Review

This is an interesting juice in the Tailored House line because we don’t really associate summery ice cream treats with the holiday season. However, maybe in a more tropical climate, it’s the perfect complement to Christmastime! Still, Tailored Vapors saw it fit to include in their TH line, and it does have a similar character to their Snacker Doodle juice (which is a bit more appropo for a holiday cookie… just our opinion.) Honey Crunch is tasty, and you don’t really get sick of it. Try it out and leave us a review!

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