Tailored Iced Tea - Peach Tea

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Tailored Iced Tea - Peach Tea Overview

A tall glass of chilled iced tea is one of summer's simplest and purest pleasures. This grand tradition from the southern United States has spread to all corners of the world, with iced tea becoming maybe even more popular than traditional hot tea in many places. Tailored Iced Tea is a line of e-liquids specially blended to celebrate our favorite refreshment. Iced Tea is diverse, pairing well with a wide range of counterparts that spruce up its already exquisite flavor.

Flavor Notes

What you're going to get is right in the name- this e-liquid stunningly captures the taste of a richly sweetened peach iced tea! The peach flavor is very fresh and succulent on its own, with the iced tea flavor caressing your tongue gently underneath. Indeed, the peach flavor is a little bit more pronounced than the actual tea, much like a well-crafted glass of the beverage itself. Peach Tea is a warm juice with a bit of a throat hit, but a rich, medium-full bodied mouth feel that satisfies you with each and every puff.

Our Tailored Iced Tea - Peach Tea Review

Sweet, sweet, sweet! Peach Not only are the peaches fresh and delectable, but they're deliciously sweet. This whole line of vape juices is incredibly refreshing. You can enjoy a satisfying iced tea without any of the real sugar or calories! It's a really warm and easy juice to puff on all day long. And, we're always big fans of juices that accurately represent the complex flavor it boasts. Iced tea is a sophisticated flavor on its own, and it's easy to get wrong. The Tailored Iced Tea juices are blended to perfection, masterfully recreating the iced tea experience. Pick up a bottle today, and after you've fallen in love, try their Strawberry Lemonade and Pink Palmer next!

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