Tailored Iced Tea - Raspberry Tea

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Tailored Iced Tea - Raspberry Tea Overview

The summer heat is tough to beat, but you can always rely on an ice-cold glass of refreshing iced tea to come to the rescue. What could be more refreshing than everyone's favorite southern treat on a sweltering day? Here's one answer - a delicious iced tea flavored vape juice that has all of the flavor, and none of the real sugar or calories! Tailored Iced Tea features five creative iced tea concoctions, meaning there's a little something out there for everybody.

Flavor Notes

This juice is a nice tea flavor with raspberries. The tanginess of the raspberry comes out strong on the inhale and lasts with you throughout the entire draw. The tea underscores it nicely, and is present enough that it's not covered up by the much stronger fruit flavor. It's the perfect recreation of a real raspberry iced tea beverage. The flavor is strong (but not too strong!) and it's got a medium bodied mouth feel that's comfortable and easy to enjoy. There's a bit of a throat hit, as is common with stronger flavors, but it's still a juice that's easy to puff on over and over again.

Our Tailored Iced Tea - Raspberry Tea Review

Raspberry Iced Tea is the perfect balance of a soothing herbal tea mixed with fun, fresh raspberries. It's not too sweet, instead tasting like the raspberries were plucked right from the bushel. It's a bit lighter in character than some of its sister juices, particularly the powerful rush of flavor offered by the Pink Palmer variety. For many chain vapers, this is the perfect type of juice. Plenty of flavor, but not so much that it's overwhelming after just a few puffs. Pick up a bottle today and leave us some comments below in the reviews!

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