Tailored Iced Tea - Strawberry Lemonade

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Tailored Iced Tea - Strawberry Lemonade Overview

Is there any beverage in the United States more popular than a classic iced tea? A big round pitcher of sweet tea is a daily staple for millions of Americans, and the phenomenon is even starting to catch on abroad. In fact, iced tea has become the standard in many places even more so than traditional hot tea. It's no wonder, then, that there's a lot of interest in tea flavored vape juices. But with tea's delicate and unique flavor profile, it's hard to get a tea flavor exactly right. Tailored Iced Tea is a line of e-liquids that masterfully imitates the distinct taste of iced tea.

Flavor Notes

The iced tea flavor in this juice is present, to be sure, but the real focus is the zesty, sweet strawberry lemonade. During the inhale, you'll taste a rush of sweet strawberries underscored with a strong hint of fresh lemon. The lemon will hang with you all the way through the exhale, where you'll also notice the tea a little more distinctly. This juice features a fairly full-bodied mouth feel with a moderately strong throat hit to go along with it, but it's a big rush of flavor that'll leave you wanting more and more.

Our Tailored Iced Tea - Strawberry Lemonade Review

This is possibly the most flavorful juice in the entire product line! Not only is the iced tea flavoring a perfect recreation of the beverage, it's blended beautifully with delicious strawberry lemonade. This rare combo is a clever twist on the classic Arnold Palmer- lemonade, tea, AND strawberries! What could taste better? Especially for a hot summer day, there's no more satisfying refreshment. Pick up a bottle of Strawberry Lemonade to experience the flavor sensation that's sweeping the natoin.

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