Strawberry Valhalla by Vapor Technologies Austin

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Strawberry Valhalla Overview

This fine vape juice is brought to you by the folks at Vapor Tech Austin, with just one simple goal in mind: mixing top-quality vape juices that'll appeal to the sensitive and refine palates of new vapers and long-time vapers alike. They boast a unique and specialized "flavor building" process that they utilize to create sophisticated blends that are unlike the flavors anyone else can come up with. They aim to make juices that can be enjoyed all day, every day, and their users agree, they design great products! Strawberry Valhalla will make you reconsider what you carry in your tank on the go.

Flavor Notes

A 60/40pg blend that delivers a smooth and satisfying experience, Strawberry Valhalla is concocted with sweet strawberry, deliciously creamy coconut, and topped off with notes of vanilla. Coconut is a wonderful fruit flavor that can be delectably blended with any taste, but strawberry is possibly the most charming combination. Strawberry Valhalla is tropically sweet, and the vanilla finish makes it an incredibly satiating vape. The inhale is particularly sweet and creamy, while you get the really full blast of flavor on the exhale. Heavy flavor, however, doesn't mean a heavy mouth feel. The smooth experience makes this a juice you can enjoy every day.

Our Strawberry Valhalla Review

If there were ever a juice made for the islands, this is the one. This is the perfect juice to enjoy while lazing about on the beach, out on the water, or strolling down the pier. A great flavor to enjoy on a sunny day, Strawberry Valhalla is one of the most satisfying fruit juices on the market. It's the perfect juice for a journeyman vaper who's looking to get into different blends that offer more complex combinations rather than single flavors.

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