Teleos Pure

Teleos Pure

Teleos Pure is an interesting beast. It was originally going to be our second line, before Cloud Science. We wanted it to be budget-minded and attractive to new vapers so they would have access to excellent liquid at an excellent price, comparable to many house juices. Given the direction the industry is going, and our plans to survive all this FDA nonsense, we felt it was time to finally release Pure.

These flavors have been in the works a while, and we feel they  represent the high points of vaping. 


  • TOBACCO is clean with no bitterness. 
  • RY4 is a distant cousin half-removed of Experiment One.  It's clean, and represents a bit of a different take on the classic.
  • Menthol is, well, menthol. 

These flavors made vaping what it is today, and we feel we've done them justice.

NICOTINE LEVELS: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg / 30ml

VG: 70%
PG: 30%

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