Noms X2 - Stranomenom E-juice

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Stranomenom E-juice Overview

Stranomenom is a fantastic line of strawberry-based e-liquids which, as they say, are a “total phenomenon that’s a real force to be reckoned with.” That’s quite the bold claim, but their flagship juice is outlandishly tasty. Really, we couldn’t believe it. They pull of a strawberry vape juice better than practically anybody. They’re fresh, juicy, and ripe; so tasty, in fact, that you’ll feel you can never quite get enough! All it’s going to take is one single taste, and you’ll be riding the Stranomenon party train forever.

Flavor Notes

Stranomenom is a huge burst of strawberry goodness! It’s reminiscent of the strawberry and creme-filled hard candies we all remember from our childhood! You know, the ones wrapped in red and green foil that granny always kept in that ornate glass candy dish? Yeah. Now you can get that explosion of flavor all wrapped up in a delicious e-liquid. The strawberry flavor is very strong throughout, with the cream filling smoothing over the exhale, creating a satisfying candy treat you won’t soon forget. It’s incredibly sweet, and yet it’s an authentic strawberry taste that isn’t artificial tasting.

Our Stranomenom Vape Juice Review

While strawberry is definitely a staple flavor in the e-liquid community, not everyone comes up with a way to make it special. This delectable vape juice has taken the world’s most popular vape juice flavor and given it a spin that’s oh-so-familiar, and yet very uncommon in vaping. That’s what sets it apart from the more typical strawberry flavors, as far as we’re concerned. This is an excellent ADV because the rich flavor doesn’t stop refreshing you. We found we don’t really get bored of it even after vaping it a few days in a row. It really is a phenomenon among strawberry vape juices, so we highly recommend Stranomenon.

Available in 120ml bottles only

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