How to Change The Vape Juice Flavor in Your Tank

How to Change The Vape Juice Flavor in Your Tank

You can find all kinds of different tanks these days. Some vapers like simple low-power devices, while others enjoy the enormous cloud production offered by many sub-ohm tanks. However, for a majority of vapers, regardless of the device they choose, pure and unadulterated flavor comes first.

Cloud chasing is fun, to be sure, but we'll leave that discussion for another day. For now, let's talk about tips and tricks for changing your vape juices, and getting the most flavor production out of your vape. It doesn't matter what kind of device you use, you'll find some tips here.

Not sure what kind of device you have? Check out your manufacturer specs to learn more about your vape, and read through our beginner's guide to vaping to learn more about different vaping technology.

How Your Device Affects E-Liquid Flavors

Different vape juices are made from different ingredients, and even the common glycol ingredients (VG/PG) are incorporated using different ratios from juice to juice. This means that there isn't any single "best" device for flavor. Any given e-liquid might be more suitable for higher or lower temp devices.

There's a wide array of different atomizers and tanks with all sorts of different features and settings. Your device will most likely offer a recommended setting: an output in wattage, or a specific temperature. Some e-liquids may offer their own recommendations for the best settings to use. For example, some juices are only suitable for low power devices, and will taste funky in a sub-ohm vape. Always follow any recommendations offered by the manufacturers!

Airflow, too, influences your vape's flavor production. A more limited airflow creates a thicker and warmer puff, resulting in a more pronounced flavor. An unrestricted airflow is great for cloud chasing, but sacrifices some flavor.

As a general rule of thumb, start with lower wattage and airflow to test your e-liquid, and slowly increase these settings until you'e reached the sweet spot that gives you the most satisfying flavor.

Clean Your Tank Between New Flavors

Of course, nothing we've discussed so far is going to boost your flavor if your tank is all gunked up. It's mission-critical that you clean your tank every time you intend to use a new flavor. Trace amounts of a different e-liquid can still vaporize and mix in with your new juice. 

Even if you vape the same e-liquid regularly, you'll still want to routinely clean your tank to keep the flavor fresh and pure.

Keeping the tank itself clean is pretty easy. 

Disassemble, submerge in warm, soapy water for about 20 minutes, rinse, and leave it out to dry.

Quick and easy, right?

While it's still a straightforward process, cleaning your coils takes a much longer time to get right. So, we recommend having a few coils on hand that you can cycle through while your others are cleaning. Keep in mind, if you still notice a burnt flavor after cleaning, then that means your coil is spent and needs to be replaced.


  • A disposable cloth or paper towels
  • A dish deep enough to fully submerge your coil
  • High ABV ethyl alcohol (Everclear grain alcohol, if it's available in your area)
  • Don't use isopropyl (rubbing alcohol)

Cleaning Your Coils

Submerge your coil completely in the alcohol inside of your dish. You can put the coil in first and dump the liquid right over top of it.

Now you'll play the waiting game. Let your coil soak for no fewer than six hours. If it's particularly gunky, you can leave it in there for much longer to soak off more of the residue. Don't worry if the liquid turns dark; this is the junk you're trying to get off of the coil.

Discard the waste, and then put your coil right into the sink and let the hot water run directly over it for about 5 minutes. This will help wash away any stubborn gunk left over, and will begin rinsing the alcohol off.

Then, you're going to soak your coil again. This time, though, simply use a dish of warm water. Let it soak for at least four hours.

Use your rag or towels to thoroughly dry off the coil. Blow into it several times to help water escape all of the nooks and crannies on the inside.

Leave the coil to dry overnight. It should be bone dry before you reinstall it into your vape.

As you can see, the steps for properly cleaning your coil takes a bit longer than for the tank. However, failure to follow this simple procedure will result in poorer and poorer flavor production, and can even lead to your coils burning out quicker than normal. 

Also, you'll be able to tell quickly if you didn't let all of the alcohol wash out; you'll notice a nasty flavor from your first hit.

What About Dripping?

If you've been around other vapers much, you may have seen some of your peers adding juice to their tank over and over again, even as they're vaping. What gives?

This practice is aptly called "dripping," where you continuously freshen your wick every couple of hits. Dripping is one of the most effective ways to draw massive flavors from your e-liquid. 

After all, the liquid is coming straight from the bottle, into your wick, and onto the coil. It doesn't sit in the tank where it goes tepid after a while. And, if you ever notice that the flavor is starting to weaken, all you have to do is install a fresh wick.

Here's the catch: drip atomizers, or "RDAs" can be volatile devices, especially in the hands of an inexperienced vaper. 

We can't recommend RDAs to anybody who isn't experienced with the technology, as there are safety hazards associated with building your own vape mod. Make sure to do your own research before venturing into custom devices like these.

Need A New Vape Tank?

So many vapes, so little time! If you want some help to decide, check out our top vape tank recommendations. We carry a big selection for you to choose from, and to navigate those choices, we've done the heavy lifting and reviewed our favorite tanks. 

Find the one that sounds right for you, and drop us a review to let your fellow vapers hear your thoughts!

12th Oct 2018

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