MELON By Naked 100

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MELON By Naked 100 Overview

Among the most common and widely celebrated kinds of vape juices are those that feature fruity flavors. Everyone who’s ever vaped before has certainly tried their share of fruit flavors, which is why it seems like they rule the shelves in vaping stores all over the United States. There are so many fruits to choose from and so many ways to combine them that there’s a little something for everyone in this beloved category. Naked 100 is one of the leading manufacturers of fruit-based e-liquid, celebrating favorites from the simplest and most well known fruits, to combinations that you’d never expect to try. MELON falls into the latter category.

Flavor Notes

MELON is a combination of sweet and tart flavors. Pineapple makes the base of this vape juice, giving you a strong tropical blast on the inhale underscored by sweet, juicy cantaloupe. Finally, the flavor is rounded out with cool honeydew on the exhale. There’s a spice of iciness that gives this e-liquid a very satisfying cooling sensation that’ll leave you feeling refreshed. It’s got a somewhat moderate throat hit, and a medium bodied mouth feel, so it’s not a particularly powerful juice, meaning it’s easy on the palate.

Our MELON Vape Juice Review

This is one of the more fun combinations by Naked 100; they definitely like to mix juices all across the flavor spectrum! MELON is a burst of tropical goodness with an icy finish, so it’s perfect for warm weather or for some refreshment after a long, hard day. Particularly when it’s hot out, it’s a great ADV, because you can use it to beat the heat all day long. If you’ve tried other Naked 100 vape juices, we highly recommend this sophisticated flavor.

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