Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100

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Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100 Overview

Naked 100 is a lovely little vape juice maker with a wide array of products on the market. By and large, their concoctions are mixed with traditional fruit flavors, often incorporating fun twists like beverage-like or confection-like creations. They’ve got a little something for anyone and everyone. Each of their offerings has a homey and familiar feel, but with a little something unique that makes them truly remarkable. You definitely can’t miss your chance to try an e-liquid by Naked 100, and Hawaiian Pog is a great starting place if you’re someone who likes a fruity tropical flavor in your tank.

Flavor Notes

Hawaiian Pog will send you off to the tropical paradise of the Pacific Ocean, our humble 50th state of Hawaii. This tangy concoction is crafted from freshly squeezed orange juice, a splash of sweet and tart passion fruit nectar, and is underscored with notes of creamy and delicious guava. You’ll really get the tanginess of the citrus fruits on the inhale, with the presence of each fruit flavor twisting gracefully around your tongue on the exhale. If you’re looking for a tasty tropical sensation, it truly can’t get any better than Hawaiian Fog.

Our Naked 100 Hawaiian Pog Review

Fruity vape juice flavors easily dominate the industry when it comes to customer preference and demand. And, of course they do! There are so many different kinds of fruits out there, everybody’s bound to find one that they can enjoy. Mixed together, they create flavor sensations like you can’t get anywhere else. Standing alone, they’re familiar and enjoyable practically all the time. That’s why we love the Naked 100 vape juices; they give you a little something that you know you love, with a twist to make it that much more special.

Bottle Size:

  • 60ml
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1 Review

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    One of my favorites

    Posted by Nick on 1st Sep 2018

    This is always my go to juice. Its hard to describe the exact flavor of this because there are so many parts working together. I really couldn't recommend this more.

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