BERRY By Naked 100

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BERRY By Naked 100 Overview

If you’re a fan of fruit flavored e-liquids, you’re not alone. Fruits have been the focus of many vape juice manufacturers for as long as vaping has been around. There are all sorts of different fruits out there from all over the world; this means that there are nearly endless combinations that can be cooked up and crammed into an e-liquid! There’s a perfect fruit for everyone, and Naked 100 is going to help you find yours. Each of their decadent blends features a medley of fruits that vapers have loved for years.

Flavor Notes

BERRY is a super-sweet mix of berries drizzled with honey that delivers a chilly punch of cool refreshment! This is truly a marvelous mixture of berry goodness; there are clear notes of blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry all in a good and harmonious balance. The flavor is very consistent through the inhale and exhale, while the cooling touch is most noticeable on the inhale. It’s got a moderate throat hit, but it packs a lot of flavor!

Our BERRY Vape Juice Review

Not only is this a delicious berry blend, but BERRY is exactly that: very cool and refreshing. This is an awesome juice for an ADV; it clears the palate and it keeps you feeling fresh all day long. It’s very characteristic of the high quality products that Naked 100 is known for; the flavor is well-balanced, and it’s not too intense. It’s got just the right amount of coolness to it, too. It doesn’t get too icy to enjoy after too many hits. BERRY is a great choice for new vapers and veterans alike, and makes a good addition to any collection.

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