The Hype Collection - Strawberry A La Mode (100 ml)

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The Hype Collection -Strawberry A La Mode Overview

Welcome to The Hype Collection, a line of premium vape juices brought to you by Propaganda E-Liquids. Propaganda E-liquids sets themselves apart from the competition because they don’t try to compete. Instead, they let their products simply speak for themselves; they sit idly on the shelf, waiting patiently for the right vaper to come along and discover their secrets. You’ll find the eye of the Illuminati stamped onto each and every box, letting you know that they’re always watching, and that there’s a little bit of truth to be uncovered in each drop. The Hype Collection itself is one of their premium product lines, featuring juices that celebrate our favorite summertime essentials.

Flavor Notes

The Hype Collection doesn’t mystify its products using obscure and unusual names; no, instead, you can tell what you’re getting right from the title. The e-liquid is made with a base of deliciously doughy strawberry shortcake, served up a la mode with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. Of course, strawberry is the primary fruit flavor in play here, but with notes of cinnamon and vanilla, you get the complete dessert experience. It’s got a nearly full-bodied mouthfeel with just a moderate throat hit, and while it’s sweet and rich, it’s not overly sugary.

Our Strawberry A La Mode Vape Juice Review

This is an excellent take on a strawberry shortcake, which is a highly competitive flavor within the industry. But, as we know, Propaganda E-Liquids isn’t afraid of the competition. They know that their flavors stand out, and we couldn’t agree more. If you’re not sure which shortcake vape juice to try first, we’d recommend this one. Trust us, you won’t need to try any others after you’ve tasted Strawberry A La Mode by The Hype Collection.

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1 Review

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    Posted by Jennifer on 17th Apr 2018

    This flavour was an accidental find - I do NOT like fruity vape flavours, as a rule. It was already loaded in the tank I was trying out, and I couldn’t believe how perfectly yummy it was. It has just the right blance of authentic strawberry ice cream and vanilla cake. It is not the cheapest liquid I have ever chosen either, but Cloud Counter Vapor has the best prices by far AND super friendly, helpful people online and on location.

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