The Hype Collection - Pink and Blue (100 ml)

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The Hype Collection - Pink and Blue Overview

While there are plenty of juice makers out there who strive for extravagance and sophistication, Propaganda e-liquids prefers a little more subtlety. They like to sit quietly on the shelf at the vape shop just waiting for the right vaper to come through and catch a glimpse of their product. If you spot the eye of the Illuminati, you’ll know you’re looking at a Propaganda vape juice, and you’ll be sure to discover just a little bit of truth in every bottle. The Hype Collection is one of their featured lines which shows off different fun summertime carnival-style flavors.

Flavor Notes

You know exactly what you’re getting from each Hype Collection juice just by looking at the name. Cotton candy vape juices are pretty common, but it’s always pink or blue… you never see both at once! But that’s exactly what you get with Mixed Cotton Candy. You get a little bit of that strawberry vanilla and a little bit of that blue raspberry; so, if you can’t choose which one you’d rather have, you might as well have both! The flavors are well-balanced and are consistent across the inhale and the exhale, so it makes for a very smooth vape.

Our Pink and Blue Vape Juice Review

Possibly more than any other juice in this line, Pink and Blue exemplifies the philosophy of taking something common and doing something uncommon with it. If you’re a sweet tooth and you want a sugary vape juice that isn’t packed with tropical fruit flavors, then you might want to go the route of cotton candy; all the sugary goodness with just a note of fruitiness, rather than an explosion of fruit juice. It’s the perfect balance for the right vaper. Try it out and leave us a review to let us know what you think!

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