The Hype Collection - America (100 ml)

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The Hype Collection - America Overview

There are so many vape juices out there, it’s almost impossible to know where to start. Plus, many of them are so extravagant and boisterous, it can be tough to tell if you’re looking at a truly quality product, or just another boastful marketing message. The Hype Collection, though, is a line of juices by Propaganda e-liquids. These folks don’t need all of the exuberance; their products sit quietly awaiting the right vaper to come along and discover them. Maybe that’s you?

Flavor Notes

The Hype Collection is designed to capture the essence of our favorite summertime carnival treats. America, however, feels more like a summertime backyard treat; you hear the distant jingling of bells, and you dash to the street to catch the ice cream truck before it passes by your house. Fortunately, you have just enough change to get your hands on a red, white, and blue rocket pop! This vape juice tastes just like the classic American popsicle; you’ve got a well-balanced blend of cherry, lime, and blue raspberry that swirl together to create a satisfying fruit cocktail. It’s got a very consistent flavor throughout the inhale and exhale, and just a medium-bodied mouthfeel. It’s a relatively mild vape with just a small throat hit, too.

Our The Hype Collection - America Review

America does the inspiring popsicle justice! It’s got all three of the classic flavors, and none of them are so powerful that they cancel out the others. It just goes to show that you can take simple flavors and spin them into a not-so-simple concept. This is one of the more fun and complex juices in The Hype Collection, so you may want to try Blue Frost or Pink and Blue, first. If you like them, you’ll definitely love America!

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